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  • Eliminate fear and discomfort in the close
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Closing is the most vital skill in sales, it is where 100% of your income is created. Without the ability to close you will lose.


Grant Cardone's Close the Sale University On-Demand 24/7

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Become a Professional Closer and learn how to close ANY sale, ANY time. Close the Sale University will make you a powerhouse in the close, give you the confidence, strategies and the ability to persist until you get the close. Only 2% of all sales are made on the first visit. The extra sales are going to be determined by your ability to make sense of the the price, your offer, and most importantly get your buyer to make a decision sooner than they expected.

You will learn when to stop selling and start closing, how to quit giving away your profits, how to double your closing ratio, how to turn the buyers objections into reasons to purchase, and how to cut your time negotiating in half and all that is just in the the basic course. You will also be provided with advanced closing strategies used by million dollar earners.

Also included

Rules of Closing
Basics of Closing
Advanced Closing Strategies
Mistakes to Avoid

Over 450 Interactive Courses

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